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Spayed / Neutered
I Have Read And Agree To The Member Agreement/Terms And Conditions
  • If you are a member of the Polo Club please inform the receptionist's and produce your membership card before seeing the Vet to enable your 10% discount on service fees.
  • A deposit is required when leaving your pet after consultation for treatment/hospitalisation - % of deposit is determined by the prognosis of treatment needed.
  • In case of an emergency a deposit must be paid if your pet is admitted to the hospital. If your pet is able to go home immediately, payment must be paid in full.
  • No pet will be released from the clinic without full payment been made.
  • Follow up appointments are charged for at a follow up rate and not a full consultation rate.
  • If deworming treatment is administered by the Vet, a deworming fee is charged. Please advise the Vet if you choose to buy the deworming tablets to administer by yourself.
  • CATTERY - please note that a cash deposit of AED500 is required one(1) month in advance of stay to secure your booking. On admission of cat/s payment for stay must be paid in full. Vaccinations must be up to date and must be done at least 3 weeks prior to stay.

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I Have Read And Agree To The Member Agreement/Terms And Conditions
Why do I need to give you 48 hours notice for a repeat prescription?

Your pet's medication and its administration is controlled by legal requirements that mean any request has to be checked by a veterinary surgeon, approved and then dispensed and the medication checked again before being given to you, your pet's clinical records also have to be written and maintained. To be done efficiently and correctly we must allow enough time for the vet to read the notes and review the treatment before re-prescribing the medication and recording it on your records.

Why is there a dispensing fee?

A dispensing fee used to be built in to all medications to cover the costs of checking records, issuing, recording and labeling and where appropriate packaging medications. To make it more transparent, the cost of the medication is now shown plus a fee for this separately to allow clients to see how the final total is reached. For the majority of medications this has actually reduced their costs. You can minimize the cost of the dispensing fee by requesting up to two months medicines at a time, we also offer a discounted payment which covers all dispensing fees for a six month period.

Why does my pet need to be seen regularly?

Certain medications, issued to chronic patient or patients with on going treatment the veterinary surgeon is required to see because the animal is "under his care". This means that your pet needs to be seen every 3 to 6 months to ensure that any medication prescribed is right and correct for them. In order to issue medications the vet has to check your pet, and to check the blood concentration of the med in the blood. This require regular blood tests to ensures that your pet receives the best and correct treatments.

Can I order repeat antibiotic pill for my pet? It has the same problem like last time .

* Please note that the vets will not get you repeated prescriptions of antibiotics , ear drops , eye drops, local treatment sprays etc unless the animal is seen again.

Please note that any Prescription Diet will be supplied by the owner or we will provide it and you will pay for the provision once you return to take your pet home.

The clinic's right is to take a deposit at the time of arrival and the full payment for the booked period incl .frontline which would be applied when the animals is admitted to the cattery.
Important: I authorize the vets in case I can't be reached in case of emergency to perform any life saving procedure necessary to my pet and bear full financial responsibility for them.

Requested Booking Dates

I Have Read And Agree To The Member Agreement/Terms And Conditions
Shaving Grooming
Leave the head fluffy
Leave the tail fluffy
Leave the boots fluffy
Dogs - Breed Style
Cat Stile - Lion
Additional services: (charged separately)
Teeth Scaling (for cats while grooming only)
Teeth Scaling (for dogs requires additional anesthesia)
Micro chipping (only for not micro chipped animals)
Anal gland evacuation
I Have Read And Agree To The Member Agreement/Terms And Conditions
Claws clipping and ear cleaning are included in the package complimentary*
  • I understand that all reasonable care and precautions will be taken and that there are some risks involved and I accept responsibility for those risks.
  • I have read and understood this release and accept full financial responsibility for all charges related to the above procedures.

*Veterinary services during night and/or weekends are provided at the discretion of the veterinarian in charge. Continuous presence of personnel may not be provided during these hours.*
*All animals admitted must be free of external parasites. Any animal found to have fleas or ticks or internal parasites will be treated at the owner's expense.*
As the owner or agent of the above animal, I hereby give my consent to VETCARE - Veterinary Medical Centre to perform the following procedures:


If your pet is anesthetized, rest assured that advances in anesthesia and surgery have made routine procedures relatively safe with a low rate of complications. Never the less, occasional problems can arise due to preexisting conditions not evident during pre-anesthetic physical examination. To avoid these problems, we recommend a blood screening prior to all anesthetic procedures (screening is optional). Please initial your choice below.

  • I refuse pre-anesthetic screening (If none of the boxes below is ticked, means I refuse PA screening & chest radiograph)
  • Preanesthetic mini screen 285 AED
  • Preanesthetic screen (CBC/Chem 6) 495 AED
  • Preanesthetic screen (CBC.Chem 12) 660 AED
  • Panel (required for animals over 7 years old)(CBC/Thyroid/Chem 12) 930 AED
  • Chest or other radiograph (x-ray) Large 460 / Medium 420 / Small 350 AED

I understand that during the performance of this procedure unforeseen circumstances may occur that may necessitate a variance in the procedure above. I expect VETCARE - Veterinary Medical Centre to use reasonable care and judgment in performing the procedure(s). The nature of the procedure(s) and risks involved has been explained to me and I realize the results cannot be guaranteed. I am also aware that unforeseen events resulting from the procedure(s) will not relieve me from any obligation to all reasonable costs incurred regarding the animal.

I Have Read And Agree To The Member Agreement/Terms And Conditions

Please download the post surgical guidelines for your pets from the button below: